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Meeting our region’s biggest challenges demands new approaches, outside the box ideas and continuous inspiration for local leaders who know our community best.

On May 26th, the third event in the series, Protecting Open Spaces Through Well Planned Cities, brought Moey Newbold, formerly with Central Oregon LandWatch, to discuss how Bend, Oregon’s open space advocates lead the successful shift away from sprawl to a more dense, walkable, and vibrant cityscape. She shared the story behind her community’s incredible shift, talked about why an environmental organization can champion smart growth, and discussed what cities like SLO can learn from Bend’s story.

How can SLO encourage higher density housing that is affordable to middle class workers?

On January 20th, the second event in the series, Creating Missing Middle Housing, brought Tony Perez, Senior Associate with Opticos Design, to San Luis Obispo. As our community and the entire state grapple with the need for affordable housing and housing in general, infill projects take a front row seat. Perez is a Missing Middle Housing expert who has worked with communities to establish and translate policy direction into clear and implementable development standards.

Public space helped cities survive the pandemic. There’s a lesson for cities to thrive beyond it.

On October 21, the first event in the series, Streets for Living | How the public realm can transform SLO’s growth, brought Blaine Merker, Managing Director of Gehl, to SLO to explore what an urban public realm could look like, why it can combat the epidemic of isolation, and how the city can emerge from the challenge of Covid-19 smarter and stronger.

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