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Protecting Open Spaces Through Well Planned Cities

Lessons for SLO from Bend, Oregon

Meeting our region’s biggest challenges demands new approaches, outside the box ideas and continuous inspiration for local leaders who know our community best.

On April 21st, the third event in the series, Protecting Wild Spaces Through Well Planned Cities, will bring Moey Newbold, formerly with Central Oregon LandWatch, will discuss how Bend, Oregon’s open space advocates lead the successful move away from sprawl to a more dense, walkable, and vibrant cityscape. Newbold will share the story behind her community’s incredible shift, talk about why an environmental organization would champion smart growth, and discuss what cities like SLO can learn from Bend’s story.

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Tickets are $10 and include SLO Provisions appetizers as well as local wine and beer.


Bend had spent the last few decades struggling with the challenges rapid growth often brings (affordable housing, environmental degradation, cost of infrastructure, culture clashes, etc.). Without a real vision for the future, its city leadership, planning department, and real estate and development industries were intent on continuing with the status quo — even if it meant expanding onto Bend’s signature landscapes — until a small environmental group brought an appeal to the state’s land use court… and won.

That group, Central Oregon LandWatch, made the case for making more efficient use of the land that had previously been developed, while also improving quality of life for all residents. After decades of battling new development projects, the Central Oregon Landwatch shifted their approach and became a champion for smart growth – resulting in a community plan that  reduced sprawl by 70% and bringing forward a newfound community vision for a Vibrant Bend that is true to its environmentalist roots.

Newbold led Central Oregon LandWatch’s successful efforts to make growth more sustainable through community organizing, policy change, and a values-centered approach. Her work laid the foundation for sustainable and cost-effective growth that prioritized the redevelopment of opportunity areas within the city, rather than risking wildlife habitat and open space by sprawling outward. Now a Fellow at University of Pennsylvania, Newbold continues her work to improve social and environmental conditions through smart land use policy.


May 26th

Doors open at 5:45 event starts at 6 p.m.

The Penny
664 Marsh St, Downtown San Luis Obispo

All required County of SLO COVID 19 safety protocols will be in place at the time of the event.

Bike parking available on site, Marsh St. garage is recommended for car parking

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